Our Approach

"Over the course of our working relationship and subsequent "after opening" consultations I have grown to appreciate John as someone who understands all aspects of golf course design, construction and playability; and as someone who could be trusted to be fair to all interests. His attention to detail, his follow through and follow up kept our project on track and within budget. He took an empty canvas and created an affordable masterpiece."

— Ed Todd, City Manager, City of Dinuba (Calif.)


Golf course design is a delicate balance of art and science. It requires imagination, instinct for the game and an understanding of technical applications. Of course, experience playing on some of the world’s most revered courses doesn’t hurt either.

As a leader in golf course architecture, John continues to impress with his AWARD WINNING layouts, innovative design techniques and vigorous work ethic. To his clients John brings a comprehensive education, in-the-field experience, meticulous ATTENTION TO DETAIL and deep understanding of CLASSIC DESIGN MOTIFS and contemporary construction. John subscribes to the theory that treating a successful golf course project involves more than designing 18 fabulous holes. Whether maintaining an environmental habitat or maximizing real estate opportunities for the developer, the expertise of John and his talented team of professionals is comprehensive. In an age when golf course architects are more salesmen than artists, John spends many weeks on the road traveling from site to site to inspect the work he is responsible for planning. It is not unusual for John to visit the site every week, rain or shine, to stay on top of the small details that make a golf course great.


"To John Fought and his right hand man, Mike Gogel, the club is greatful for their vision, attention to detail and perusit of excellence, all of which have produced extraordinary results. They are exceptionally tallented and a pleasure to work with...Member enthusiasim for the golf course is like nothing I have ever witnessed at Dallas Country Club!"

                                                                                                    - Earl Merrell, DCC Past President